Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blessed Family

What is Life?

In Worrying about tasks of life don't forget the purpose of life.

Who am I ?

What can I do to find "Who am I ?"

Do Nothing!! ;) .You will get it.


'It takes a little time for the oil lamp to catch fire, but once it catches fire, it burns.'

The same goes with the people of this country. They are a little slow in the beginning, but once they begin, they don’t stop.

The transformation is a gradual process.

Searching for High!!

Common Sense says that we(Humans) are made up of 5 elements.

NOW intelligence is Dont say No to Meditation without experience.
I personally tried everything and I chose the highest kick .

Experience the Sudharshan Kriya taught in Art of Living Course.

Why Master?

To learn an ordinary subject like mathematics, we need a guide. So on the spiritual path, the need for a guide; a teacher is so much greater!The Master is the embodiment of wisdom.

Human Personality

One of the rarest combinations in the human personality is the co-existence of confidence and humility. Often people who are confident are not humble and people with humility are not confident. Confidence blended with humility is most appreciated by everybody.

Question: How can confidence be developed in one who is humble, and humility in one who is confident?
Sri Sri: 
1. When you see your life from a bigger context of time and space, then you realize your life is nothing. 
2. When you are humble, you need to see that you are unique and dear to the Divine, which brings confidence, and when you realize you are insignificant, that brings humility. 
3. When you have a Guru, you cannot be arrogant.Your guru gives you confidence and also brings humility in you. The weakness in humility, and the arrogance in confidence are removed. You are left with confidence and humility!      -- His Holiness Sri Sri ravishankar.